Why use LMS to train your Employees

LMS is a flexible and powerful online tool designed for the delivery, administration, documentation, tracking, and reporting of training programs, or learning and development sessions. Through the power of LMS training, employers with distributed workforces can provide high quality, efficient and cost-effective training solutions to their employees.  Premier Workforce Training and Development is your partner of choice for meeting your LMS training needs. Through our LMS library, we offer business’s access to over 130 high quality Soft-skill training sessions.  These training sessions cover a wide range of professional development topics such as – Customer Service, Phone Etiquette, Handling a Difficult Customer, High Performance Teams (Remote Workforce), Servant Leadership, Team Building for Manager, and Workplace Diversity.

Our LMS allows your team members to complete training on digital platforms like desktops, tablets, laptops, and smartphones, and at a time that is convenient for them, as opposed to attending an in-person workplace session.  Our LMS training sessions are web-friendly courses which also contain in-session evaluations that measure the learners understanding of the material presented.

Although your team members may be working from home, their training and development doesn’t have to be negatively impacted. In fact, with the flexibility and options our LMS training library offers your business, their training and development can be enhanced.

To gain access to and evaluate a few free LMS training sessions, click on this LMS page link to go to our LMS login page.  Then click the CLICK HERE TO TRY LMS FREE button and input your email and username to create a profile. You will receive a confirmation email, then you can login to our LMS demo page and access a few of our LMS courses for free.

Go through the course content to get an idea of the quality and caliber of the LMS training material we offer.  Our goal is to not only meet, but exceed your businesses training needs.

To see our complete LMS training library please click here.