Can my company establish a customized listing of courses for our employees to complete?2020-04-17T14:38:39-05:00

Yes.  We can set your company up with a customized LMS library.  We will establish a unique login portal for your employees which will allow you to manage your learners, the content and generate progress reports for each employee.

Is testing built into the online learning courses?2020-04-17T14:38:07-05:00

Yes, there are review questions after each module, and a final test at the end of each course.  And students that attain a passing grade are issued aCertificate of Completion.

Is the LMS system cloud-based?2020-04-17T14:37:49-05:00

Yes, it is a cloud-based Learning Management System, which means it is similar to Netflix or Microsoft Office 360.  Users can access the learning courses through the internet by using a computer, laptop, tablet, or other mobile device such as a smart phone.

What is the cancellation and refund policy for Public Training Workshops?2020-01-16T16:37:27-06:00

Please see our Public Training Workshop Cancellation and Refund Policy

Do you offer micro-learning options?2019-11-13T09:10:07-06:00

We offer customized micro-learning sessions.  The time for the sessions must equate to approximately 1 hour.

What business enterprise certifications does PWTD currently hold?2019-10-25T14:12:15-05:00

PWTD currently holds the following certifications – VBE   AABE   MBE   ESBE   SBE   HUB

Does PWTD have the capability of offering workshops presented in Spanish, or in Sign Language (ASL)?2019-10-25T14:12:34-05:00

Yes, we do.

Is there a minimum class size?2019-09-18T20:15:08-05:00

Each workshop is billed at a minimum of 7 attendees.

Does PWTD offer a discount to businesses owned by Veterans?2019-01-25T17:33:33-06:00

Yes. In fact, PWTD is a Veteran owned and operated business. We offer a 5% discount on all training workshops and support services from the very first purchase.

What type of discounts do you offer if we purchase multiple training workshop?2019-09-18T20:13:30-05:00

At PWTD we truly appreciate, and work hard to earn and deserve your repeat business. Therefore, we have decided businesses can qualify for a discount of 20% off the cost of every 5th course, of equal value, that is purchased and completed by your organization.

If our team needs to hold a 1-day workshop over a 2-day period, can you accommodate?2019-01-25T17:33:03-06:00

Generally, we prefer not to interrupt the learning process by stopping in the middle of a workshop, but we may be able to accommodate your business needs. Please contact us to further discuss what options may exist to help you.

What type of materials are provided to participants attending the training workshop?2019-01-25T17:32:47-06:00

PWTD will provide participants with their own student workbook, pen, and the various course handouts used to enhance the training session.

What are acceptable methods of payment?2019-09-18T20:14:48-05:00

Cashier Check, Bank Check

When is payment due?2019-09-18T20:13:48-05:00

Payment for the course is due no later than 5 calendar days after completion of the course, unless other arrangements are made and agreed to in writing.

Does the cost of the training workshop include travel costs?2019-01-25T17:31:31-06:00

Depending on the location where the training is be held, there may be additional costs associated with the travel of the instructor. We work very hard to keep our pricing competitive, so any supplemental costs beyond that of the course will be clearly outlined in the final training agreement and agreed to before the class begins.

Will food and drink be provided to participants attending the training workshop?2019-01-25T17:31:13-06:00

Due to safety concerns regarding food allergies and sensitivities, PWTD does not provide food for participants. We may provide water and/or coffee.

What is the start and end time of the training workshop?2019-09-18T20:13:05-05:00

Our training sessions consist of 7.5 hours of classroom contact time.  Therefore, workshops generally begin at 8:30 am and conclude at 5:00 pm.  This will allow for a full day of training, breaks and lunch.  We may work with your organization to adjust the start time to meet your business and operational needs, to include overnight shifts.

What if our business does not have a training room for the workshop, or due to unforeseen circumstances it becomes unavailable?2019-01-25T17:30:43-06:00

PWTD must be notified in writing (e-mail), at least 10 business days prior to the training date that the facilities are no longer available so we can make arrangements with a third-party facility to relocate the workshop. Your business would be responsible for notifying all your participants of the change in the training location.

When is access to the training room needed, and what must the room include?2019-09-18T20:12:31-05:00

The PWTD instructor must have full access to the training room and support equipment no later than 1 hour prior to the start of the training workshop.  The training room must include at a minimum include the following:

  • enough pre-arranged tables and chairs to accommodate each participant
  • projector with screen, or large screen TV with HDMI connections
  • wipe-board with markers or a chalkboard
What will participants who complete the training workshop receive?2019-01-25T17:30:00-06:00

Once a participant completes a training workshop, they will receive a Certificate of Completion, identifying the workshop they completed and when.

Who owns the course content for a general or customized training workshop?2019-01-25T17:29:43-06:00

PWTD continues to maintain all ownership rights to any and all course materials developed and provided. Therefore, the material we provide may not be used to conduct your own training sessions at a later date, nor may it be sold or given away at any time.

Can PWTD develop a customized soft-skill training workshop for my business?2019-01-25T17:29:30-06:00

Yes! We can collaborate with your internal Subject Matter Experts (SME’s) familiar with the challenges faced by your organization to develop a customized soft-skills workshop for your teams. Please see the Pricing page on the website under Courses.

How many people can attend a training workshop?2019-09-18T20:14:12-05:00

In order to maximize the learning experience and participation in activities, we limit the workshop sizes to no more than 25 participants.  If you have more participants you want to attend the workshop, we are happy to make arrangements for an additional session.

Our business has some areas of improvement we want addressed and discussed during the workshop, can PWTD accommodate our needs?2019-01-25T17:28:58-06:00

Yes! We at PWTD understand that our course materials although comprehensive, may not address some specific area of opportunity within your organization. We can work closely with your internal Subject Matter Experts (SME’s) familiar with the challenges your organization faces, and we will seamlessly incorporate this information into the workshop.

Because this is a customization of our workshop materials, there will be additional costs associated with the research, modification and implamentation of this new material into the workshop. This may also have an impact on the length of the workshop. Please see the Pricing page on the website under Courses.

What are the different training formats and services offered by PWTD?2020-04-01T12:31:07-06:00

In order to serve you better, we at PWTD offer a variety of training and supplemental services to meet your business needs:

  • Corporate Training Augmentation Services
  • On-Site Training/Facilitation services
  • Coaching Services
  • Guest Speaker Services
  • For your convenience we offer over 130 LMS training and development courses.  Please view our LMS page.

If you have further questions, please contact us.

How can we qualify for a free 1hr training session for our company?2019-01-25T17:28:08-06:00

At PWTD, we are committed to providing outstanding, value-added, world class training and development support services to the companies we serve. We know you have the option to work with other training companies, yet we believe PWTD is your best option.

Therefore, for a limited time, after meeting with one of our consultants to identify your business needs, and, if your business has over 100 on-site employees, and, is within Bexar County Texas, we are offering a one-time, “FREE” 1-hour training session, from select course material in our training library.

What is the cost of a training workshop?2019-01-25T17:27:52-06:00

Please see the Pricing page on the website under Courses.

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