As a business owner, you’re always challenging yourself to find ways to gain an advantage, save money, be more productive and move your business forward. One key to accomplishing this is through your organizations training program.

Training and how your company presents it, has a direct impact on everything your company does. From the level and quality of customer service your employees provide; to employees understanding company policies and procedures; compliance with industry standards; and your safety training and education efforts. Operating a digital online training library that is consistent, easily accessible to employees, and quickly updated, will reinforce protocols and procedures, and impacts your business by:

  • decreasing the time needed to train and upskill new team members;
  • reducing accidents and injuries;
  • increasing productivity and efficiencies; and
  • keeping team members on the forefront of changes within the industry
Capability Statement

Although your company may have written guidelines, or an on-the-job training program, these have inherent limitations and there may be barriers for new employees to see how certain functions should work, and with COVID-19, and the required social distancing expectations, remote learning tools such as online learning sessions, are more important and valuable than ever.

Premier Workforce Training can develop and produce customized digital training library content for your business. This content can include –

  • job specific training videos;
  • customized micro-learning sessions;
  • safety training videos;
  • explainer videos;
  • job aids;
  • customer education materials; or
  • social media outreach tools

Our learning system allows your employees access to online course materials through a web browser. This offers them remote access and facilitates a casual learning environment so they can complete courses on the go at different times and locations. So despite the fact they may be using a smart phone, tablet, laptop or working on a desktop PC, your learners can train and develop at their own convenience. This also means they’re no longer bound to fixed, predetermined class schedules. Now your organization has the capacity to motivate employees to complete courses by outlining timelines for completion, and while offering the learner the flexibility to maneuver completion of their learning sessions into a time and place that fits their schedule and workload.

All of these services are provided at highly competitive pricing structures, with flexible service agreements designed meet your specific business needs. Contact us today so we can design a custom online training library for your business.

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