lee little

I. Introduction: A Visionary Leader

Lee Little, the charismatic Founder and President of Premier Workforce Training, LLC, is a visionary in the field of adult learning and workforce development. With more than 25 years of hands-on experience, Lee has forged a legacy that stands as a testament to innovation, excellence, and dedication to service.

II. Professional Experience: Building A Versatile Career

The Premier Workforce Training Philosophy: Lee has created an end-to-end service provider, focusing on personalized and strategic methodologies. By observing and comprehending clients’ functional systems, he crafts unique solutions that meet the exact needs of each business and its employees.

Safety and Compliance: As a Health and Safety Manager, Lee’s role in managing large-scale Employee Training and Health & Safety Programs (ranging from 400 to 9,000 employees) showcases his leadership in critical areas that protect both the employee and the organization.

Cross-Industry Expertise: From military to insurance to transportation, Lee’s experience spans across various sectors, including medical, industrial, and financial, allowing him to approach training and development from a multifaceted perspective.

III. Education & Certification: A Lifelong Learner

Academic Achievements: Graduating Magna Cum Laude with a Bachelor of Science in Occupational Education, Lee is also actively pursuing a Master’s Degree in Organizational Development, showcasing his continuous pursuit of knowledge.

Professional Certifications: An Authorized OSHA Outreach Instructor for over 20 years, a Certified Corporate Trainer, and a Lean Six-Sigma practitioner, Lee’s qualifications further cement his authority in the field.

IV. Military Service: A Decorated Veteran

A proud and decorated Air Force Veteran, Lee’s dedication to his country translates into a rigorous and disciplined approach to his work, reinforcing his commitment to quality and excellence.

V. Innovations in Learning & Development: Customizing Success

Customized Curriculum: Lee’s value-added services extend to creating interactive and learner-centric materials. He has an uncanny ability to tailor programs that align with specific goals and needs, creating an enriched learning experience.

Training, coaching, and facilitating classes, both in-person and virtually, is second nature to Lee, with 10’s-of-thousands of hours dedicated to these pursuits.

Training Methodologies & Tools: His nuanced approach includes designing flexible instructional formats such as instructor-led training (ILT), computer-based training (CBT), and web-based training (WBT), ensuring adaptability and responsiveness to diverse learning environments.

ADDIE Model Application: Lee’s systematic use of the Analyze, Design, Develop, Implement, and Evaluate (ADDIE) model ensures the development of efficient and effective materials that cater to diverse learning styles and organizational needs.

VI. Conclusion: A Legacy of Impact

Lee Little’s vast Health and Safety experience, military service, educational achievements, and unique approach to workforce training and development sets him apart as a true industry leader. His work continues to inspire and support individuals and organizations alike, providing a dynamic foundation for growth, improvement, and success. His dedication to customizing learning experiences and building strong, capable teams reflects a philosophy that transcends mere training – it’s about empowering people and organizations to realize their fullest potential.