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Corporate Training Augmentation Services (C-TAS)

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Training Augmentation Services

Imagine having the flexibility to ramp-up your training program on an as needed basis.  No more concerns about; the workload or availability of training staff, or what to do about employee training when seasonal hiring occurs, or how to handle downtime when you are in the process of recruiting a new permanent instructor.  This is where Premier Workforce Training and Development (PWTD) comes in.

As a training augmentation solution provider, we fill in the gap, allowing you to increase your companies training expertise, capacity, level of flexibility, and scalability, while at the same time reducing overall costs, and operational downtime. With our Corporate Training Augmentation Services (C-TAS), we function as an extra “set-of-hands”, to help carry the load and handle your specific training needs.

Utilizing your company’s written training material and following your policies and procedure as directed, we seamlessly integrate ourselves into your current training delivery process. The professionals at PWTD are highly skilled and equipped with decades of training experience including classroom, or online learning environments. Our instructors bring a wealth of insight and knowledge from a wide range of industries including the corporate, government and non-profit arenas, empowering them to fulfill your training needs.

What are some of the periods where you may want to consider using our Corporate Training Augmentation Services?

  • Temporary need to increase training capacity as your company grows
  • Seasonal hiring surge
  • Facing a training project with a short timeline horizon
  • In-house training staff members are unavailable

Our training augmentation services allow your training projects to move forward with little to no interruption, while providing the training you want to employees of varying experience levels.

Areas to consider augmenting your training needs:

  • Surge-Hiring Training
  • EHS Training
  • Seasonal Employee Training
  • New Employee Orientation Training (NEO)
  • Routine Training Sessions
  • Company Leadership Training
  • Strategic Training and Development Services
  • Post-training transition monitoring program
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