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Accident Investigation Process

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*Minimum of 7 students. This course is generally 1 1/2 days in length, but customization to meet business needs may impact the length of the course.

Course Description

Accident Investigation is a critical part of your business’ comprehensive safety and health program. The effectiveness and quality of the investigation can have a profound impact on the type, severity and occurrence, of future accidents. OSHA recommends, and in certain cases requires, employers to conduct accident investigations to identify the root causes and to help prevent similar incidents in the future. Accident Investigation requirements may also be found in your state laws, and regulations covering worker safety and health, and Workers’ Compensation. The Accident Investigation Process training course is designed for Safety Professionals, Supervisors, Managers, Accident Review Board members, and anyone involved in the investigation process.

The course provides a fundamental review and basic understanding of the accident investigation process, general requirements and guidance, and why accidents are investigated. During the training, attendees will learn – what is an accident; the recommended steps outlined by OSHA for conducting an accident investigation; basic details of the accident investigation process; how to prepare themselves for the investigation process; documenting an accident investigation; and conducting analysis of accident findings. The course will also help attendees systematically identify root causes of an accident. Identifying root causes provides crucial data needed to make recommendations for the implementation of effective corrective measures, updating policies, procedures, or equipment, and assisting in the prevention of similar accident in the future.

What attendees will learn

  • The purpose of the Accident Investigation process
  • Terms used in the Accident Investigation process
  • OSHA reporting requirements
  • Types of Costs Associated with Accidents
  • A Review of Different Accident Theories
  • Process for conducting an Accident Investigation
  • Elements of Accident Investigation Kit
  • Initiating the investigation
  • Documenting the scene
  • Conducting interviews
  • Conducting event analysis
  • Identifying Surface and Root Causes
  • Developing recommendations and Follow-up
  • Writing the Accident Report
  • Effectively Presenting Recommendations to Management

Target Audience

The recommended audience for the Accident Investigation process course includes the following:

  • Safety Professionals
  • Safety Committee Members
  • Accident Review Board Members
  • Trainers
  • Supervisors
  • Managers
  • Individuals involved in Accident Investigation process

Course Breakdown

This course consists of a 1 ½ day training session divided into 15 modules, with multiple in-session evaluations to measure the learners understanding of course material.

  • Introduction to Accident Investigation
  • Key terms for Accident Investigation
  • Types of Accident Costs
  • A Review of Different Accident Theories
  • Establishing An Accident Investigation Program
  • Which accidents should be investigated?
  • Investigators Approach and Role
  • Preserving and Documenting the Scene
  • Taking Samples
  • Collecting Information
  • Conducting Analysis
  • Determining Root Causes
  • Reporting Findings to Management
  • Implementing Corrective Actions and Follow-up
  • Legal Considerations
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  • August 13, 2019 4:09 pm
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